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What kind of bike do you build when the customer gives you free reign and an (almost) unlimited budget? You build "Jessica."

First, Van and John got to know the customer's likes and dislikes about motorcycles. We also wanted to know our customer's riding personality. Is he a
week-end warrior or a hard-core biker? That would influence almost everything on the bike: from shocks to forward controls.

This customer is what we call "high-end." He knows quality workmanship and creative thinking. Mystic Motorcycles wouldn't make or modify a bike that we
wouldn't ride ourselves!

"Jessica" started as a rough sketch, then evolved to a more substantial concept in CAD (computer aided design). Of course, this process was anything but easy. Along the way, John, Van, and the other Mystic Motorcyclers, researched frames, trans, bakes, motors, exhaust, turn signals, pipes, . . .In other words,
what was out there that we could use to for this one-of-a-kind bike and what did we need to fabricate ourselves?

Van decided on a Daytec "Goliath" 250 RSD frame. They are great! You can really see what you pay for in a piece like this. The welding burrs have been shaved off, leaving a clean line on the frame. This is just not done on your average cycle.

Van chose an S&S 124 cu. in. engine for Jessica. One of this customer's three criteria was that the bike have a big engine. This engine has power and will get the customer where he wants to go - fast!

Putting the parts together was only one step in the process of building "Jessica." When Mystic Motorcycles builds a bike to customer specs, we really mean it!
Our customer came in for a sitting on Jessica. We wanted to make sure he had a comfortable fit with his bike. We measured his arm reach to the handlebars and
his stance to the ground.

Why call the bike Jessica? "Because that's what she looked like," Van said. "A red-head with long legs and big curves."

The final bike was unveiled to our customer on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The expression on his face was what Van and John had worked months to achieve. The customer took "Jessica" for a ride around the block and came back with
an even bigger smile.

Thanks to Michael Anthony for the great photos of Jessica and thanks to Angel Allen for her great body on Jessica!

Fabrication: Mystic Motorcycles
Year and Make: 2004 Special Construction
Model: Jessica
Assembly by: Mystic Motorcycles

Year: 2004 S&S
Ignition: Crane HI-4
Displacement: 124 cu. In.
Lower end: S&S
Balancing: S&S
Pistons: S&S
Cases: S&S
Heads: S&S
Cams: S&S
Lifters: S&S
Carb: S&S G Shorty
Air cleaner: S&S
Pipes: Vance & Hines

Modifications: None
Year: 2004 Baker 6 speed rsd

Molding: Mystic Motorcycles/Ross Customs
Painter: Ross Customs
Color: Ross’s Special Candy

Year: 2004 Daytec “Goliath” RSD
Builder: Daytec/Mystic Motorcycles
Type: Softail
Rake: 44 degrees
Stretch: 4” up, 6” out

Bars: Climax Custom Digital 5000
Front Fender: Fat Katz/Mystic Motorcycles
Rear Fender: Daytec/Mystic Motorcycles
Headlight: Headwinds
Taillight: Diamond LED/Mystic Motorcycles
Speedo: Dakota Digital
Front Pegs: Accutronics
Rear Pegs: None
Electrics: Mystic Motorcycle
Gas Tank: Fat Katz
Oil Tank: Softail style
Oil System: S&S
Seat: Seat Cover King

Type: Thunder Cycle Inverted
Extension: 12” over
Builder: Thunder Cycle/Mystic Motorcycles
Special Features: 6 degree Triple Tree


Size: 2:15 x 21 PM
Hub: PM
Rim: PM
Size: 8.5 x 18 PM
Hub: PM
Rim: PM
Tires: Avon Venom
Brakes: Performance Machine